Upstart Village

Where we have a lot of work to play.

Upstart village was created to provide for the many freelancers, entrepreneurs and Starbucks survivors who prefer to work in a creative, collaborative and productive environment where like-minded people come to enjoy a lot of work to play. We have devoted 11,000 ft.² in our Stockdale Campus consisting of over 6 acres with on-site parking to create a Country Club for collaborative coworkers. Schedule a tour and meet and greet your future community!

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We've got a lot of work to play

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  • Virtual Office



    • Need the address but not the office? This virtual plan is for you.
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    • Enjoy all membership benefits for 8 days per month to see if our community works for you.
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    • Full Monthly Membership. Subject only to space available. 24/7 access.
  • Designated Space



    • Full Monthly Membership with designated space and two-drawer file cabinet.
  • Shared Office



    • 24/7 - Full Monthly Membership with a secured office shared by four members + 1 additional member each for $99.
  • Corporate Flex Space



    • Full Monthly Membership with secured access. Includes 12 workplaces and up to 20 additional members at $99 each per month.

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