Upstart Village

Where we have a lot of work to play.

Upstart village was created to provide for the many freelancers, entrepreneurs and Starbucks survivors who prefer to work in a creative, collaborative and productive environment where like-minded people come to enjoy a lot of work to play. We have devoted 11,000 ft.² in our Stockdale Campus consisting of over 6 acres with on-site parking to create a Country Club for collaborative coworkers. Schedule a tour and meet and greet your future community!

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We've got a lot of work to play

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  • Virtual Office



    • Need the address but not the office? This virtual plan is for you.
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    • Enjoy all membership benefits for 8 days per month to see if our community works for you.
  • Open Space



    • Full Monthly Membership. Subject only to space available. 24/7 access.
  • Designated Space



    • Full Monthly Membership with designated space and two-drawer file cabinet.
  • Shared Office



    • 24/7 - Full Monthly Membership with a secured office shared by four members + 1 additional member each for $99.
  • Sponsored Office



    • Full Monthly Membership with secured access. Includes 12 workplaces and up to 20 additional members at $99 each per month.

Upstart Community Voices

  • We took the liberty of placing this entry on the dashboard wall on your behalf. You and all your members can use this wall to post messages for everyone in your spaces to see and comment on.

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