Podcast Studio

Listen to a message from the producer.

Have you searched for a way to talk about matters important to you, your community, and your sphere of influence? Maybe you know what to do, but don’t have the resources for expensive equipment?
We have the solution to your podcast needs, with the latest recording equipment, microphones, and even a way to patch in phone calls to your podcast, and have guests be a part of your show from anywhere in the world.
If you are interested in starting your own podcast, we’d love to help. All you need is the content, which includes all guests, and enough material to fill your scheduled timeslot. Only want to make a 15 minute recording? We can do it! Will an hour be more appropriate to your needs? We can do that as well.
Plus, we have a video camera available, to record the podcast and make it a video blog.

Why should you create your podcasts with Upstart Village?Book a tour to see the awesome facilities that are available to Upstart Village community members. Membership includes discounts on our Podcast Studio and other Village add-on Facilities.

Call Linda at 661-832-2500 to schedule your podcast appointment today and become a member of Upstart Village. 

It’s time to reach your community and world with your knowledge, insight, and connection with what matters most to you.